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Faster, Smarter and More Reliable Supply Chain

Increase your supply chain visibility, connectivity with barcode and RFID technologies 

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At SyncBox, we believe in the power of digitization and connectivity to transform business and industries. 

Our Products

A full range of hardware solutions designed to streamline and optimize operational performance of all industries. 


Mobile Computers

Enterprise- and industry-grade smart mobile terminals with customized built-in modules designed to optimize operational workflow

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Barcode Scanners

Reliable barcode scanners for streamlined in-store transactions and inventory management

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Air Purifiers

Medical-grade air purifier that kills 99.9% of airborne and surface viruses and bacteria. Safeguard your health at home, school or workplaces. 

Industry Solutions

Learn more about how our technology solutions can help your businesses achieve operational excellence


Warehousing & Distribution

Warehouses and distribution centers deal with high product flows and turnover rates. Frequent manual labor indicates that the operations are prone to human errors. It is imperative that logistics facilities implement product identification and information technologies to ensure operational excellence. 

Grocery Retail

In addition to processing high volumes of in-store transactions, supermarkets and convenience stores have increasingly become the fulfilment centers for online grocery orders. Ensuring the  accuracy and efficiency of order fulfilment is key for grocery retailing businesses to stand out in competitive landscape.

Fruit Stand

Non-Grocery Retail

Today's savvy customers hold high exceptions for a seamless and enjoyable in-store shopping experience. Businesses can leverage powerful technologies that allow for quick access to product information, inventory location and on the-spot checkout to ensure smooth interactions with customers.  


Healthcare workers collect large amounts of patient data and administrate numerous treatments on a daily basis. Empowering healthcare workers with powerful technologies and tools to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of data collection and sharing is key for quality healthcare services.   

Doctor and Patient

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