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iData 25T Mobile Computer

iData 25T Mobile Computer


2-in-1 Functions:

  • One-button temperature measurement in less than 1 second with ±0.3℃ precision
  • High-speed barcode reading


Multiple modes of data collection:

  • Built-in high-definition camera for fast and accurate scanning of health codes or city codes
  • Suports NFC reading to quickly verify ID cards or pass cards


Safe and easy data storage and access

  • Store data locally and in the cloud with built-in AI processing capability
  • Download documents or statements easily 
  • Data safety is protected


Durable and lightweight design

  • Meets IP65 protection grade with 1.5 meters of drop on cement standard
  • Longer use life than forehead thermometeres with up to 1 million key-pressing actions 


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