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iData 55HC

iData 55HC

Large HD screen

  • Industry-leading TP+LCD 4.7-inch large screen with HD display
  • Ultra-sensitive touch panel supports operations with gloves and wet hands in low-temperature, dry and dust-free environments. 


Professional bar code scanning engine

  • Equipped with the most powerful 2D scanning engine in the industry
  • Accurately and quickly read barcodes on patient’s wrist straps, transfusion bags and transfusion bottles
  • Protection for healthcare workers' eyesignt with soft white LED scanning fill-in light technology 



  • Antibacterial coating


Durable and lightweight design

  • Rugged design; meets IP65 protection grade with 1.5 meters of drop on cement standard
  • 230g of weight, battery included


More efficient data transmission

  • Supports dual band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) wireless and 4G network
  • Faster and stable wireless communication for healthcare data transmission


Embedded Software

  • iLauncher (Kiosk or Lock-down mode) where admin can customize which apps and features are available for the users
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