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Grocery Retail

In addition to processing high volumes of in-store transactions, supermarkets and convenience stores have increasingly become the fulfilment centers for online grocery orders. Ensuring the accuracy and efficiency

of order fulfilment is key for grocery retailing businesses to stand out in a competitive landscape.

Key Business Scenarios 

Customer Pick-up

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In-store fulfillment​

When fulfilling online orders, staff can follow the optimized picking routes computed by mobile computers and automatically verify if correct items and quantities are picked. 

Close up modern senior  woman buying groceries in supermarket paying with NFC payment via
Grocery Store Worker

Inventory Tracking

Having real-time visibility into product inventory levels and locations with centralised 

Bag of Groceries


Offer your customers flexible checkout options to reduce customers' waiting time and elevate their shopping experiences. 

For pickup orders, staff can verify the order information and update order status seamlessly with mobile computers. 

At the Supermarket


Mobile computers can alert staffs of low inventory levels. During restocking, mobile computers can guide staffs where and how the products should be restocked.   

Food Delivery


For delivery orders, couriers can take photos with mobile computers after a delivery is made and print receipts with bluetooth mobile printers.

Our Solutions

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AIDC Implementation

We will help your organization implement an Automatic Identification & Data Capture systems with barcodes and handheld scanners, or with RFID tags and RFID readers, for efficient product identification, verification and data processing. 

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Hardware Stack

We will customise an integrated turn-key hardware stack solution designed for your specific business needs, including mobile computers, printers, wireless products and IoT sensors.  

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Software Stack

We will customise turn-key software solutions designed for your specific business needs, including inventory management and warehouse management systems.   

Featured Products

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