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Non-grocery Retail

Today's savvy customers hold high exceptions for a seamless and enjoyable in-store shopping experience. Businesses can leverage powerful technologies that allow for quick access to product information, inventory location and on-the-spot checkout to ensure smooth interactions with customers.  

Key Business Scenarios 

Candle Packaging

In-store fulfillment​

When fulfilling online orders, staff can follow the optimized picking routes computed by mobile computers and automatically verify if correct items and quantities are picked. 

Paying at the Store


Offer your customers flexible checkout options to reduce customers' waiting time and elevate their shopping experiences. 

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Cross-store Management

Access and manage inventory levels across all sales channels and locations anytime with mobile computers to fulfil order from all locations. 

Receiving a parcel

Customer Pick-up

For pickup orders, staff can verify the order information and update order status seamlessly with mobile computers. 

Stock Inventory

Inventory Tracking

Easily update inventory levels at the end of day with RFID tags and fast RFID readers.  



For delivery orders, couriers can take photos with mobile computers after a delivery is made and print receipts with bluetooth mobile printers.

Our Solutions

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RFID Implementation

We will help your organization implement RFID tags and RFID readers for efficient product identification, verification and data processing. 

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Hardware Stack

We will customise an integrated turn-key hardware stack solution designed for your specific business needs, including mobile computers, printers, wireless products and IoT sensors.  

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Software Stack

We will customise turn-key software solutions designed for your specific business needs, including inventory management and warehouse management systems.   

Featured Products

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