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Warehousing & Distribution

Warehouses and distribution centers deal with high product flows and turnover rates. Frequent manual labor indicates that the operations are prone to human errors. It is imperative that logistics facilities implement product identification and information technologies to ensure operational excellence. 

Key Business Scenarios 

Receiving a parcel


Using AIDC solutions combined with mobile computers, staffs can verify the inbounding  product information and quantities efficiently and accurately.  

Packages on Shelves

Inventory Tracking

Staffs can easily inspect and track the inventory level via RFID tagging and RFID mobile readers. 



Mobile computers will compute an optimised picking route and automatically verify whether the right products are picked for the order.

Cardboard Boxes_edited.jpg

Order Packing

Staffs can view order information on mobile computers and automatically verify if correct products are packed. 

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box


Mobile computers automatically compute and document optimised put-away locations for temporary product placement. 



Couriers can take photos with mobile computers after a delivery is made and print receipts with bluetooth mobile printers.

Our Solutions

scanning icon.png

AIDC Implementation

We will help your organization implement an Automatic Identification & Data Capture systems with barcodes and handheld scanners, or with RFID tags and RFID readers, for efficient product identification, verification and data processing. 

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Hardware Stack

We will customise an integrated turn-key hardware stack solution designed for your specific business needs, including mobile computers, printers, wireless products and IoT sensors.  

software icon.png

Software Stack

We will customise turn-key software solutions designed for your specific business needs, including inventory management and warehouse management systems.   

Featured Products

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