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Healthcare workers collect large amounts of patient data and administrate numerous treatments on a daily basis. Empowering healthcare workers with powerful technologies and tools to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of data collection and sharing is key for quality healthcare services.   

Key Healthcare Scenarios 

Treatment Administration

Treatment administration information is clearly demonstrated and accessible to involved healthcare workers to ensure treatment is conducted  accurately and consistently.  

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Patient Identification

Healthcare workers can automatically document and update patients' information throughout the treatment process from admission to discharge with smart mobile terminals. 


Asset Management

Conduct inventory and status check-up of valuable medical equipment easily with RFID tagging and mobile computers. 

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Biometric Data Collection

Apply barcodes to biometric samples to allow for automatic data inputs with mobile terminals. Document analysis results within the system and update doctor on results in real time.  

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Medical Waste Disposal

Ensure the medical waste is properly disposed with RFID tag and mobile computers to track the disposal process of medical waste.  

Sorting Medicine
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Real-time Communication

Hospital staff can have real-life communication with mobile computers via WiFi or cellular network. 

Our Solutions

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RFID Implementation

We will help your organization implement RFID tags and RFID readers for efficient product identification, verification and data processing. 

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Hardware Stack

We will customise an integrated turn-key hardware stack solution designed for your specific business needs, including mobile computers, printers, wireless products and IoT sensors.  

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Software Stack

We will customise turn-key software solutions designed for your specific business needs, including inventory management and warehouse management systems.   

Featured Products

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